Gesmine is a Consulting Engineering firm, in Mining and Geology. Our field of expertise is summarized below.

 A Junior Mining Company might hire us to conduct a project evaluation - preliminary economic assessment, feasibility study - or to evaluate a start-up scenario.

A New operator might hire us to manage the opening of an open pit mine or a quarry.

An Open Pit or quarry owner might hire us to optimize a pit design, to analyze a mining equipment acquisition scenario, to improve the drilling-blasting results, to optimize the productivity, to assess the safety of the work spaces, etc.

An International Financial Institution (IFI) might hire us to conduct an audit of an open pit mine operation.

A Human resource manager might hire us to train mining engineers, geologists, and employers on open pit mine planning and design, drilling and blasting optimization, quality control, etc.

An Investor interested to acquire mining properties.

Our approach is not only to do the work for our client, but rather to involve him in the realization of his project. Sometime the client might need only one session of training or coaching.

The integrity, the ethics, and the expertise are the corner stone of our customer support.


Gesmine, Gestion de projet minier

Gesmine, gestion des ressources minérales


Gesmine, Mineral Resources Management Inc.,

is a consulting Engineering Firm offering a wide variety of services to the mining industry, including:

  • Geology
  • Project Evaluation
  • Mine Planning
  • Project Management
  • Production
  • Training

Our Professional team provides technical services in order to improve the productivity and the efficiency, within a sustainable development.


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