Services provided

Project Evaluation - NI-43-101

  • Grass Root Evaluation,
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment,
  • Feasibility Study,
  • Review and Update of other Expert’s Reports.

Gesmines, équipements miniersGesmines, équipements miniers

Mine planning: efficiency inside safe work spaces.

  • Pit Optimization and Design – VULCAN,
  • Mining Sequences for Open Pits and Quarries,
  • Mining Equipment Acquisition,
  • Waste Dumps and Infrastructure Location and Design.


  • Mining Operations Optimization – Drilling, Blasting, Loading, Hauling, etc.,
  • Productivity Optimization – Availability, Utilization, Training, etc.,
  • Quality Control,
  • Operating Costs and Investment Optimization,
  • On site Safety Evaluation and Improvement.


  • Training of Engineers on Vulcan Mine Software,
  • Training of Engineers on Open Pit Mine Planning and Design,
  • Training of Supervisors and Employers on Drilling and Blasting Technics,
  • Training of Geologists on Logging, Geological Interpretation and Resource Estimation.

Project Management

  • Coordination of other Specialist Activities - Environment, Permitting; Equipment Supply, Construction, etc.,
  • Onsite Project Supervision,
  • Budget, Schedules, and Acquisitions Follow up,
  • Bids Preparation and Evaluation,
  • Subcontractors and Consultants Selection,
  • Subcontractors and Consultants Activities Coordination,
  • Project Appraisal. 

Gesmine, acquisition d'équipements miniers